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Digital Laser Printing
True silver halide prints produced on professional photo papers

LightJet 430 Digital Laser Printer

LightJet 430 Digital Laser PrinterThe continuous tone resolution of our LightJet 430 is equivalent to a 4000 dpi printer, with no visible dot pattern. No inkjet, dye sublimation or electrostatic printer can come close to this degree of detail. The Lightjet's RGB lasers expose the paper by travelling along a rigid I-beam suspended in a large drum. During the exposure the photographic paper does not move at all. This produces a print that is sharp and clear from edge to edge with no pixelation and with no density or focus fall off associated with conventional prints made through a lens. The ultimate quality of LightJet 430 prints is determined by the quality of the file used to make the print. Large format prints do not get any better than LightJet 430 output.

These true photographic prints are of the highest collectible quality - suitable for museum and gallery display. These prints are offered on the popular Fuji Crystal Archive Professional photo papers; Lustre (most popular), Matte, Glossy, Pearl (super high gloss), Fujitrans (backlit transparencies), and we also offer the Kodak Endura Professional Metallic photographic paper for a different look.

What type of file is best for printing on your lightjet? LightJet file prep info...Contact the lab if you have questions.

LightJet 430 Reprints

Photograph by Mark RomesserLightJet reprint orders are produced from "master print files" stored in our file archives, digital camera files, files produced by scans of artwork or film, and other digital image files.

Files are printed "as is". Minor "global" corrections for overall color balance, density and contrast are available if requested.

Turnaround: 3 working days

Rush Service Available: 1 working day add 100% - 2 working days add 50%.

Prices do not include film processing or scans

Artwork by Cheri EllisMaster Prints...
A master photographic print is the right choice when your artistic intentions are the ultimate goal. Master prints are ideal for photographers when creating artist proofs for on demand limited edition print production. Anytime a particular "look and feel" must be achieved in a photographic print, or when matching an existing guide, the master print process will ensure that your production reprints look exactly the way you want them to.

Master Proof Prints...
A proof print will always provide the most reliable visual source when it comes to making the necessary corrections and adjustments to your image. Proofing eliminates the biggest hurdle in achieving the look you need in your print...the computer monitor. Having proof prints made and working one on one with a custom printer will ensure that your final master print will meet or exceed your every expectation. Once the "master print" has been produced you can be assured that your reprints will always match the master print...order after order.

Producing master proof prints is not a requirement; but is a highly recommended process. Of course many photographers prefer to handle their own image edits without our input.

How do I match my prints to my monitor?..This is the most common question we hear from photographers who want to handle their own editing and workflow. Our answer?..Soft proofing with our custom profiles will get you there...Read about it here.