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Digital Imaging
Scanning and Retouching

Scitex Eversmart ScannerScitex Eversmart High Resolution Scans...
Scan to your specifications or let us optimize the scan for digital laser output on our LightJet 430 or ink jet output on our Epson 9600. "High resolution" scans include: color correction, guide matching, balancing density and contrast, dust spotting, and removal of film defects and scratches. Original films or flat art up to 11x17.

Frontier digital printerFrontier RGB Scans...
From 35mm (slide/negative) or 2¼ (transparency/negative) scans sized to proportion of the film format. Dust spots, scratches, and film defects are removed and the files are color corrected and optimized for output on our Frontier.

35mm Film Scans...From mounted 35mm slide film only
These automated scans produce files that are sized to 8x12 at 300 dpi. Scans are "as is" and include automated electronic cleanup via Digital Ice, which gets rid of most dust and scratches during the scanning operation. Each scan is automatically color corrected to our scanner profile.

Retouching Services...
Our retouching department has the latest tools, extensive experience, and the artistic talent to handle any digital retouching needs you have. From simple dust spotting to major restorations, and creative design techniques, HCL can solve just about any digital imaging problem you can come up with.

Un-retouched File

Retouched File

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